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Ephesians 4:12 Global Ministries was originally founded in 2001. Bill & Gretchen Schwartz are the founders, and they have a passion for missions, training leaders and church planting. Bill & Gretchen have a broad ministry experience as youth pastors, senior pastors, missionary church planters, and Bible school instructors/directors. They began serving as missionaries in 2002 with a church plant in the unreached city of Ronse, Belgium, in addition to serving at Logos Bible School of Brussels. Their vision is to reach, teach, and release with a desire to train local ministry leaders, establish college internships, and plant new churches in unreached cities. Their motto is “Training the Nations to Reach the World.”

Bill & Gretchen Schwartz

Pastor Schwartz recently visited us on May 1st, 2016 and delivered this message of encouragement about the benefits of the storms we face in life. If this ministry touches your heart, please donate and help support them as they spread the gospel in that region of the world.


The Schwartz family presently lives in Vilvoorde, Belgium. There is a great need in the country of Belgium. As a whole less than 2% of the population are Christian. The indigenous Belgian population is even less with less than .05% Christian. The major focus of ministry of the Schwartz Family is three fold:

Making Disciples - Leading people to a deeper relationship in Jesus.

Training Leaders - Motivating, equipping and encouraging ministry leaders to be more effective.

Church Planting - We believe the local church is the stabilizing force of every community. It is also the most effective form of evangelism.

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