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Guillermo & Mayra Aguilar

Guillermo Aguilar is the Ministry Coordinator of Word of Life Nicaragua. He and his wife, Mayra, operate several ministries in Nicaragua including school ministry, evangelism and discipleship as well as Bible clubs, community fun days and camps. Below Guillermo shares a brief snapshot of their testimony and also a video about their ministry.

In 2002 the Lord began to lay a burden both in my heart and my wife’s heart, for the country of Nicaragua, and an increasing desire to go and serve Him in that place. It was always called to my attention that Nicaragua was one of the only two countries in Central America (Belize is the other one), to not yet have the WOL Ministry, even though it is a country wide open for the Gospel.

Years went by and no one ever faced the challenge. We had the opportunity to be part of several WOL evangelistic trips there and God really touched our hearts with the need of the youth and the possibilities to do ministry. When we realized that there was no one there doing what Word of Life does, we began to ask God to give us the opportunity to serve Him there. So we began to pray, and shared our desire with our authorities. After witnessing how God led things His way and in His time, on December 17th, 2006, our directors officially told us that we were approved to go to Nicaragua to start the Word of Life Ministry. Brothers and sisters, you can’t imagine the joy in our hearts of seeing God work in His timing and His giving us such a huge challenge, of which we know we are not worthy.

We finally arrived to Managua on October 30th, 2007. It has been the best time of our lives serving God, and we are deeply thankful to God for this enormous blessing. Andrea and Valerie, our daughters, both fell in love with this Country and its people, and we enjoy every minute here. God is allowing us to disciple young boys and girls, to preach the Gospel and teach the Word. We couldn't think of anything better to do. Praise the Lord for this wonderful opportunity and please pray for us as we continue to help build our part of the Body of Christ in Nicaragua.

~ Pastor Guillermo Aguilar


Pastor Aguilar recently visited us on Sept 14, 2016 where he shared the current status of their missionary work and delivered this message of encouragement about "Unity in the Body" of Christ.

If this ministry touches your heart, please pray for and help support their work by donating as they spread the gospel to Nicaragua and beyond!

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